I have found that I did not initially like original animation drawings. I found myself instead attracted to original animation cels. It wasn't until I found a few drawings that I considered to be "full of life". Certainly in some drawings you can almost see the character spring to life. It is also interesting when there are particular notes and comments.

Pinocchio (1940)
The Blue Fairy is quite a delicate creature. She's a pretty hard-to-find character given her short appearance time in the film. I also like the delicate details on her face and wings.
Peter Pan (1953)
I'm sure you recognize her by now. I don't rank Peter Pan in my favorite films, but sometimes I just find a character or a pose of a character that I just can't live without. And whatever may she be laughing at?.....

Fantasia (1940)
Ah, one of the most sought after characters in the company of Chernabog and the Queen from Snow White.
Pluto (1930s)
I forget what cartoon this is from. But I would be surprised if I could find a cooler Pluto drawing anywhere.
Lonesome Ghosts (1937)
An invisible ghost "kicking Donald's butt". Few drawings are funnier than this!

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