Concept art is often regarded as very hard-core or advanced collecting. I myself did not take to collecting concept art for a number of years. I was fortunate to acquire some of the following pieces over the years which I would like to share with you. Click on the smaller image to enlarge for a better view.
Concept art is pretty hard to find. Nice concept art is obviously even harder. When the animators were doing these films, and did these early pieces also sometimes known as character studies- most of them were trashed after the final versions of the characters were determined.

Snow White (1937)
Even though I personally hate skulls, this piece has such incredible detail, and such powerful smoke and dripping effects, I could not pass it up as an unbelievable work of art. Looking at concept art really makes you a feel a part of the creative process that is different than any other type of art.
Snow White (1937)
A minor character, but what a fabulous drawing.

Fantasia (1940)
Unbelieveably gorgeous concept pastel from the 1940 film. These pastels are extremely colourful, but also delicate and must be handled with the utmost care.
Fantasia (1940)
Another lilly piece to match the piece above. Finding vintage pieces that are sets or go together is one of the challenges of collecting.
Snow White (1937)
I don't know exactly why, but this piece cracks me up every time.
Snow White (1937)
Although not from a main scene, I find this piece very beautiful and delicate. I sometimes am very attracted to elements in a piece rather than what other collectors may deem "important".

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